Student illustrators for hire [Expert Guide]

Last updated : Sept 22, 2022
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Student illustrators for hire

How much does it cost to get an illustrator?

With illustrators who are still in college you can expect to pay between $25–50/hr, whereas working with more seasoned illustrators you'd be looking at between $100–250+/hr. It all really depends.

Where can I find an illustrator for my children's book?

Two great places to start are the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and Both include online portfolio directories that you can browse by style, medium, topic, and even region to find excellent illustrators for hire.

How much should I charge for a full illustration?

"But a good rule of thumb is that the more times your work will be seen or reproduced, the higher the rate should be. For example, if the illustration is going to be printed once as a spot in a magazine, that would be a lower rate, anywhere from $250-$400.

How do I find good illustrators?

  1. Toptal. Toptal is one of the longest-running talent matching services.
  2. Minty. Minty is dedicated to helping clients hire freelance illustrators and professional illustrators.
  3. Etsy. Etsy is our go-to platform for artisan handicrafts.
  4. . Upwork.
  5. . Twine.
  6. . Dribbble.
  7. .
  8. .

How much does a freelance illustrator cost?

According to a range of reputable sites, the average hourly rate for a freelance illustrator in the UK stands at £30.

How much does a children's book illustrator make?

Today, children's book Illustrators make an average salary of $50,000 to $70,000. The best paid Illustrators can earn over $100,000. The majority of Illustrators work in the publishing industry, but there is also a growing number of Illustrators who work in advertising and the toy industry.

Do I need an illustrator for my children's book?

First, it's important to point out that you DO NOT have to illustrate your own book. (I know when I first decided to write a children's book, I thought about illustrating it, too.) However, you really don't have to — and mostly-likely SHOULDN'T try to. Which means, you might need to find and hire your own illustrator.

How do you pay an illustrator?

Illustrators hired by traditional publishing houses are paid with royalties on sales of the book. Royalties range from 3-5% of sales, depending on the prominence of the illustrator. Publishers give illustrators an advance on the royalties. Like everything else in publishing, advances vary widely.

Do illustrators get royalties?

According to the Graphic Artists' Guild Handbook, average royalty rates for children's book illustrators are 3.5 to 6%. If you are both the author and the illustrator, average royalty rates are 7% to 12%. Here's what's important to know about an advance: It's an advance against royalties.

What is a freelance Illustrator?

Freelancers create illustrations that represent clients' products or services in a way that the clients find useful for marketing purposes. Freelance illustrators might also be hired to illustrate a book cover, for example, children's books, comic books, or graphic novels.

How much should I charge per hour?

Calculate Your Hourly Rate Business schools teach a standard formula for determining an hourly rate: Add up your labor and overhead costs, add the profit you want to earn, then divide the total by your hours worked. This is the minimum you must charge to pay your expenses, pay yourself a salary, and earn a profit.

How do I hire an illustrator?

  1. Toptal. Paid.
  2. Fiverr. From $5.00 /project.
  3. Guru. Free and paid.
  4. PeoplePerHour. Fee-based.
  5. 99designs. Fee-based.
  6. Freelancer. Project-dependent.
  7. Indeed. Free and paid options.
  8. Google for Jobs. Free.

Who is the best childrens illustrator?

  • Sir John Tenniel.
  • Beatrix Potter.
  • Peggy Fortnum.
  • Ronald Searle.
  • Edward Ardizzione.
  • Kate Greenaway, Walter Crane and Randolph Caldecott.

Who is the most popular illustrator?

  • Maurice Sendak.
  • Charles M.
  • Quentin Blake.
  • Hayao Miyazaki.
  • Beatrix Potter.

How much should a beginner Illustrator charge?

Rates typically charged by illustrators on Upwork are: Beginner: $15 per hour. Intermediate: $23 per hour. Expert: $30 per hour.

How much does it cost to illustrate a book cover?

How much does it cost to hire an illustrator? A professionally illustrated book cover will cost, on average, between $500-$1,500. A fully illustrated book, as you'd expect, is much more expensive — more like $2,000-$10,000, depending on the scope and complexity of the artwork.

How do I turn a picture into an illustration?

  1. Open your image in PicMonkey.
  2. Apply the Edge Sketch effect.
  3. Add an artistic touch with Posterize.
  4. Adjust Exposure and Colors for a polished look.
  5. Download, upload, and share for all to see. Voila!

How do you charge children's book illustrations?

Your first asking price should be about double your bottom-line, depending on the height of the total price of the project. So if your bottom-line in the above example is $2000, you should ask for $4000 with the option to negotiate down to your bottom-line (in this case, $2000).

Is it hard to get a children's book published?

Getting your children's book (traditionally) published is a tough gig ... research shows that less than 1% of all aspiring authors secure a traditional publishing deal. But as someone who has successfully published a number of children's books, I can unequivocally say don't give up on your dream.

How can I illustrate my children's book If I can't draw?

  1. Canva – Canva turns ANYBODY into a professional graphic designer.
  2. Vecteezy – Royalty-free illustrations for commercial use.
  3. Procreate – Illustration app for iPad Pro.

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Student illustrators for hire

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hi everyone i'm shaylyn here with reedzy so this week we're going to be talking about children's books and illustrations so in this video we're going to be looking at the illustration side of publishing a children's book and talking about what to look for in a children's book illustrator and how to hire an illustrator if you're in the world of children's books especially picture books illustration is a huge part of that you know picture books aren't just about the words they aren't just about the illustrations it's about those things working together in harmony i'm sure any of us who grew up reading picture books if we think back right now actually probably recall the illustrations better than the stories you know trying to think back to picture books from my childhood i can still remember specific illustrations from some of the books that i guess really impacted me so in this video we're just going to be talking about that whole illustration process and what that looks like so the first question to ask yourself is do you need to hire an illustrator so if you are traditionally publishing you do not need to hire an illustrator that is something that your publisher will arrange for you but of course if you're self-published then you're going to need to hire an illustrator yourself which is what the rest of this video will be covering so step number one is to know your vision any type of creative collaboration is going to be a two-way street of course the illustrator is bringing life to your vision um and ideally you find an illustrator whose style looks the way that you envision the book and who you kind of click with on that like artist artist level you know where they get you they get you they get what you're going for when i was a teenager i was stage manager for a play and the director of the play unfortunately was not great at articulating what she wanted she had a really clear vision of what she wanted in her mind i think she had a clear vision of what she wanted in her mind but she was really really bad at explaining it to all the people working on set you know so there were some points where i was making some sets and i asked her what she wanted and she didn't explain it really that well at all and even when i asked her questions she didn't really have answers for me she was like oh just do it i trust you and then when i did it she got mad because it wasn't what she wanted in her brain you don't want to be like that director you want to have a clear understanding of your vision if you can communicate your vision clearly and you have a designer who you know gets you and is experienced and whose style is what you want that's probably going to be the match made in heaven because they're going to understand what you want they're going to use their expertise to bring it to life and you'll probably be quite happy with the end result if some piece of that equation isn't really lining up then it's going to be tricky know the types of illustrations that appeal to your niche if you're doing like a very kind of fairy tale like soft piece maybe something you know very gentle and illustrative maybe with watercolor something a little whimsical that's very light on the page would be perfect whereas something with a more like graphic style that's a bit bolder and brighter wouldn't fit as well you know ask yourself if you think your piece would be benefited more by kind of that clarity and the boldness of a digital medium or kind of by the softness and organicness of a traditional medium you kind of need to know what type of style you're looking for in order to narrow in on a pool of potential illustrators if you want to learn more about different illustrative styles i'll leave a post linked below with a bunch of examples step two is to look at the artist's profiles and portfolios take note of an illustrator's years of experience know that the more experienced an illustrator is the more expensive their rates will probably be but maybe you want that extra level of experience also look at the genres that they tend to do keep in mind with children's books the age brackets are very specific a two-year-old child is at a very different level of development from a five-year-old child and so there are really specific requirements for every age bracket so look and see what age brackets and genres each illustrator tends to specialize in look at their past titles see what else they've illustrated and of course very importantly you want to look at their portfolio i don't think anyone would hire an artist without looking at the work they've done previously see if you can imagine your work in their style so step three is to determine your budget so every book is different and every illustrator has their own rates so i can't really give you an exact quote on that but you should expect to pay between two and six thousand dollars for illustration so determine how much you're willing to spend keep in mind that this is going to be affected by the book's length although picture books tend to be a standard length the style of illustration and the illustrator's years of experience and then step four is to reach out to your illustrators um so if you're looking for illustrators on the reedzy platform you can reach out to up to five professionals at a time if you found your illustrator elsewhere then you have to contact them through whatever their preferred means is maybe they have a contact form on their website or maybe they'll just provide an email address once you're in contact with an illustrator you can start talking through your contract make sure to ask how much it will be to revise the artwork if there's something you want changed and then you can start working together if you are currently looking for an illustrator we've got a post below with 20 different children's illustrators who are currently working whose work you can look at whether it's just to give you inspiration for style or whether you actually think you'd like to work with one of those illustrators i will leave that post in the description so that is how to find and work with an illustrator for your children's book it's a pretty magical experience getting your work illustrated obviously i've never had a picture book illustrated because i've never written a picture book but i do have friends who are artists and they've made me like character artwork and it is one of the most exciting things as a writer to see an artist turn a story in your mind into like a piece of artwork it's a pretty exciting place to be so thank you so much for watching remember to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss any new videos from us we've got new writing editing and publishing tips every tuesday and friday until next time bye

Thanks Charita your participation is very much appreciated
- Altagracia Mellard

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